Bluegrass Festival

25-28 August 2022

28th Annual Rainier  

Schedule - Times and events subject to change                        


Pickin' and Jamming

3-7 pm Open mic

Jamming and Pickin'


Pickin' (Jamming optional)

11 am Roundup Days Parade

2-5 pm Bluegrass Show

6-9 pm Bluegrass Show

Pickin'and Jamming


9:30 am Gospel Jam

If you know of a band, or you are a band member wanting to perform, please let us know.

This event is a fundraiser for We Love Rainier,WA. Profits are used to benefit the community through such projects as parks, bike trails, town beautification, etc. Band performances are generously provided gratis and are subject to change.

Volunteers welcome.

The festival is held the same weekend as the Rainier Roundup Days celebrations. Community events include a parade, bake sales, flea market, yard sales and more.



                         Rusty Hinges

                        The Cowchips

                       Tried and Blue

                      The Dills Family

                      Band of Friends

                   Hardshell Harmony